This afternoon, I found an immature VERMILION FLYCATCHER at Bald Pt St
Park.  Dark line through eye, yellow belly, streaked breast, noticeably
smaller than accompanying Phoebes.  He was located about a quarter mile
south of the point, in some Crabapple (I think) trees which are half way
between the hammock and the beach.

Also found some other good migrants:

N. Parula
Tennessee W.
Golden-winged  "
Chestnut-sided "
Magnolia "
Blackburnian "
Palm "
Black & White "
Am Redstart
C Yellowthroat
Hooded W.
Wood Thrush
Swainson's Thrush
Painted Bunting (female/imm)

John Murphy
Alligator Pt, FL

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