Robert Paxson wrote:
>       From the Backyard, we have had a busy fall with hummers here
> again, but the strangest thing here is an Ovenbird that  has been
> visiting a platform feeder apparently eating birdseed for four weeks
> now!
> bob
> Merritt Island, Fl


  It just goes to show you how opportunistic most birds are. Species that
  we think of as being exclusively insectivorous will eat seeds & fruit if
  it's available. The reverse is of course actually even more the case.
  Species that we think of as seed or fruit, or nectar eaters must catch
  insects to feed their young because even hummingbird babies need protean
  for their little bodies to develop properly. And I'm sure that every now
  & then mama hummer eats a gnat or two herself. Although I can't see a
  Snail Kite munching on a pond apple, or a Bald Eagle picking on a pine
  cone (the babies do like to play with them when they fall in the nest),
  many predators wind up ingesting the plant material that some of their
  victims had ingested earlier.

  Considering how long that bird has been with you & the lateness of the
  date, you may be it's benefactor until April. See you in Dec.

 Wes Biggs
 Florida Nature Tours, Orlando  407/363-1360  [log in to unmask]   ABA sponsored

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