Sarah Linney wrote:
> and the logical follow-up question is...where does the Oilbird live?
> Sarah Linney
> Cocoa, FL
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 Sarah & all,

 The most famous Oilbird cave is in Trinidad, but I saw them in a neat
 little cave in Tingo Maria Peru. The basic range is Northern South
 America to Northwest Bolivia. Although I do know of at least one
 photographed in Panama a few years ago.

 When I left the Oilbird cave in Peru I had a few feathers in my pocket.
 Some time later while on a Xmas bird count with Glen Woolfenden I dropped
 one of the feathers on the Pinellas Co. FL. beach where we were birding.
 Glen picked up the feather & looked at it. "What do you suppose that
 I asked with the innocence of a new born babe. "It means that some poor
 unsuspecting South American country let a wise ass named Wes Biggs go
 birding there, that's what it means."  Wow!! And he's a friend.

 Wes Biggs
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