Fellow Birders:
There are still a few migrants in  Spanish River Park (SRP). The birds are
finding some food. Some of the birds will probably stay. Nine species of
warbler were observed. The Yellow-rumped was my first, and only one, of the
season in SRP.

There has been a lot of discussion about fruit eating habits in birds on the
wire. Though warblers are primarily insectivores, they can certainly be
opportunistic frugivores (or opportunistic seed-eaters for that matter),
which is the case at SRP for Black-throated Blues and at least two other
species, to a lesser degree, these days. It makes sense to me, especially if
the birds are migrating and energetically optimal foods are available. These
particular BTB's are foraging on Strangler Fig Tree berries, and to a lesser
extent, Wild Coffee Berries (a shrub), which are side by side, near the N
parking lot of SRP. They have been concentrating on this food source, since
at least, Friday. Last Friday there were several Catbirds and Vireos foraging
with the warblers. This morning it was primarily BTB's. There were several
Blue-gray Gnatcatchers, but I did not watch them as they fed. However, the
BTB's would search, find a berry, pierce and probe it, picking out pieces of
fruit and feeding.

Concurrently, on the S end of the park, several warblers, including a lone
Magnolia, who appears to have been around for three weeks, were sallying,
then moving about, to favorite perches, preying on the insect population near
the top of the tree canapy. Nice contrast.

An aside: Has anyone out there observed the following warblers at SRP:
Blackpoll, Black-throated Green, Blue-winged, Golden-winged, Orange-crowned,
Yellow, Bay-breasted, Chestnut-sided or anything else unusual? If so, can you
drop me a note with the species, first date sighted and approximate # number
of birds? Thank you.

Finally, I did drive the Lox Road (Loxahatchee), home from work this evening,
hoping to see the Western Kingbird again. Yesterday, It was on a fence,
immediately W of a cattle corral, about 4 miles W of SR 7. No bird today.

SRP Warblers

Black-throated Blue (common)
Northern Parula (1)
Ovenbird (3)
Yellow-throated (4)
American Redstart (5)
Common Yellowthroat (2)
Black and White (1)
Yellow-rumped (1)
Magnolia (1)

Peregrine (1)
Kestrel (4)
Turkey Vultures (about 4-times as many as usual, so some were probably

Matt Reid
Coral Springs, FL

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