Hello all!

My name is Brian Monk, and I am a veterinarian who lives up here in the
black-hole of Florida, the Central Standard Time Zone of the western
panhandle.  Specifically, Destin.  Up until recently, I lived in Maryland,
just north of Baltimore.  I have birded for the better part of 20 years,
since I was 12.  I like state and county listing, and am overjoyed to be
working on my Florida list in earnest, though I have visited northwest
Florida almost every year, and was born here.  I just thought that you might
want to see some of the birds we get up here.  In the past 3 days I have
gotten my first YB Sapsucker and Winter Wren in Florida, and found a WB
Nuthatch about a month ago.  Last weekend, I had a 14 spp. warbler day, and a
pair of groove-billed anis have been haunting the FtWalton Bch Spray fields
for the past month.

Sorry the message is so haphazard, but its late, and I forgot to fix my
subscription so I could post.

Brian Monk,DVM
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