Lee Snyder took this photo of a Yellow-faced Grassquit on January 27,
2001, at EcoPond in the Everglades, a place where many strange and
beautiful birds have been seen.

Thanks to Lee for sharing his photo with us.  Obviously, this bird is hard
photograph because those  I have seen are not close to being
as good as this photo.  Remember it is Lee Snyder has the copyright.

It can also be seen on FLORIDABIRDIS-L Members Photos page at:

 PS:  In case you have wondered about the "quit" in the names of some of
these species of birds, it comes from the note they make:

Guitguit \Guit"guit`\, n. [So called from its note.] (Zo["o]l.)
   One of several species of small tropical American birds of
   the family {C[oe]rebid[ae]}, allied to the creepers; --
   called also {quit}. See {Quit}
Quit \Quit\, n. (Zo["o]l.)
   Any one of numerous species of small passerine birds native
   of tropical America. See {Banana quit}, under {Banana}, and

Barbara Passmore