Birded Ft. Walton Beach area today.  Highlights of trip were:

7 Waterfowl Spp: Leser Scaup, Redhead, GW Teal, BW Teal, Wood Duck, Gadwall,

10 (11?) Warbler Spp: N Parula, Yellow, Yellow-Throated, CYellowthroat, Chat,
BTGreen, Pine, Butterbutt, Palm (East & West), Blackburnian, unknown
Oporornis sp.

Vermilion Flycatcher seen again at Ft Walton Spray Fields

Pair of Groove-Billed Anis seen at Ft Walton Landfill

BTW, had my FOTY YBSapsucker and Winter Wren this week.

Brian Monk, DVM
Destin, FL

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