Please note the changed date on the list's webpage of Doug Wassmer's photo I
posted of the Slaty-backed Gull.  The correct date is October 4, 2002 and
should be noted also for the archives (Item # 6909 in which I correctly gave
the date on the subject line but for some unknown reason to me (!) jumped
back to an earlier date in the body of the message).

ALSO NOTE that I have added two more interesting photos from Doug Wassmer on
the webpage (one shows the gull "eyeing" -- NOT eyering -- the photographer
and the next is of the gull preening, thereby showing feathers not otherwise
seen).  These two are not in the archives and are on the same webpage with
the first photo.

Remember all photos remain the property of the photographer who has the sole
rights to their use.  They are posted on this list and its webpage with the
permission of the photographer.

Click on the "floridabirds" url (2dbelow) to get the pictures submitted to
At some later date, I expect to rearrange them taxonomically.  Until then
they are in the order received.

Thanks to all of you for your generous participation.

Barbara Passmore

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