October 8, 2002     "Piece of Cake"
     0700  Taylor & Book head South from Vero Beach (Roy Book Driving)

     1000   Breakfast at Denny's - Homestead

     1320   Arrive at Higgs Beach, Key West  --  Park Van and realize "beach"
is at least 100 Yards long!  Where to start looking?  Breakfast Coffee and
Ice Tea are ringing a bell!  "Let's check out the Latrine first".  Mission
completed and Roy starts across the beach, towards the shore!  Suddenly
starts motioning me to quicken my gate and join him closer to the water.
There, directly in front of us, is a "huge" gull.  Exactly 1325 hours!
Looked even bigger alongside Laughing Gulls!  Magnificant bird!  Got within 4
or 5 feet while taking pictures.  Everyone should make the effort!  Great

     1335  Heading North!

      1630  Overnight at Howard Johnson's in Key Largo.

 October 9, 2002

     0600 Heading Home

     0700  Breakfast at Denny's, Homestead.

     0730  Homeward bound  via Lucky Hammock (Seperate report by Roy!)

     1300  Home at Vero Beach!

                        "Piece of Cake"

Jack Taylor

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