Hi all,
Thursday, temps near 90 all day, hot, sunny, wind no higher than 10mph. from
the East most of the day - no rain (er....there was ONE rain drop).

Beautiful day out there, but not good migrating conditions!  This is what I
had the entire day!

Kestrel (5)
Merlin (4)
Peregrine (7)

Others seen from beach platform:
Bald eagle (1 seen throughout the day)
White pelicans (19 seen in early AM)
Painted bunting (1 male!)
Hummingbird sp (1)
Palm warblers (2)
American redstart (1 seen PM)
Barn swallows (10)
Tree swallows (3)
Yellow warbler (1 seen late PM)

thanks to all the helpers during my shift today!
  diane reed
st. augusitine, fl.

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