Fellow Birders:
Not an abundance of birds. Three hours of hard birding produced a reasonable
diversity. Talked to a visiting birder, Rob, from PA. He said there are good
numbers of several species of warbler up North, moving down. I noticed the
same thing in Georgia where I listed 22 species of wood warbler, just N of
the Fl border, three days ago. At SRP this morning I recorded 13 warbler

Black and White (2)
Black-Throated Blue (4)
Common Yellowthroat (several)
American Redstart (several)
Magnolia (2)
Ovenbird (several)
Northern Waterthrush (1)
Worm-eating (1)
Tennesee (1)
Palm (3)
Yellow-throated (5)
Northen Parula (2)
Prairie (2)

also some raptors moving through

Kestrel (8)
Merlin (1)
Peregrine (1)
Sharp-shinned (2)

also other migrants

Red-eyed Vireo (3)
Brown Thrasher (1)
Indigo Bunting (3)

Matt Reid
Coral Springs, Fl

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