A serious group of birders met at Turkey Creek today - Roy Book, Ken Allie,
Ken LaBorde, Frank Auton, and Herman Bechtel (who joined us from time to
time).  We were determined to see some birds before migration is over; time
is running out for a fantastic day.  At this point we may have to be
satisfied with a few more good days.  Although bird numbers were small as
usual, we had a good mix of species.  At mid-morning we had the good luck to
run into an exciting flock of migrants on Hackberry Lane which bumped up our
list.  We were all happy with the morning's effort.

15 Warbler species:

8 Ovenbird
5 Amer. Redstart
5 Yellow-Throated
5 Black-Throated Blue
3 Black & White
3 N. Parula
2 Tennessee (both in the binoculars at the same time)
1 Prairie
1 Hooded
1 Golden-Winged male
1 Pine
1 Magnolia
1 Common Yellowthroat
1 Palm (by LaBorde)
1 Worm-Eating (by LaBorde)

1 Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (good looks by all)
1 Blue Grosbeak male
2 Indigo Bunting
1 Catbird
1 Veery
3 Swainson's Thrush
2 Red-Eyed Vireo
3 White-Eyed Vireo
1 Yellow-Throated Vireo
2 Hummingbird sp.

In our Melbourne Village yard today:
4 Painted Buntings (2 male, 2 female, at the feeders & birdbaths)

Shirley & Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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