Hi all,

Are the bird gods and tractor gods on cahoots?  It would seem so.  I've
spent over 60 hours at work in the last five days.  I've hiked about 10
miles in the hot sun.  Me and the boss wrestled with a flat tractor tire
weighing approximately 9,000 lbs.  The tractor and myself were completely
covered in dirt at the end of work today.  And now I have a day off to go
hiking around digging up birds all day.

The Big Sit!  Could it have come at a better time?  I can sit in one spot
and rest while legitimately birding.  Andy's Father's Son will be at
Sebastian Inlet.  I will be at Turtle Mound.  Where will you be?

By the way, I will be on Turtle Mound itself.  This is not where Sir Harry
got most of his birds.  That would be at parking lot # 5 at the end of the
road.  Anyone who wants to come by and help is welcome.  Anyone who wants to
come by and give me food is even more welcome.

Turtle Mound is located in Canaveral National Seashore approximately seven
miles south of New Smyrna Beach.

David Simpson
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Fellsmere, FL

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