Not alot of new stuff over at GRSP today, but thought I'd update the list a
little.  JB and I had an FOS blue-headed vireo today. No grosbeaks today :(

   Other sightings include:
American redstart warbler
Black-throated blue warbler
Black & white warbler
Pine warbler
Magnolia warbler
Yellow-throated warbler
Blackburnian warbler
Palm warbler
Common yellowthroat
Gray catbird

Red-eyed vireo
Blue-headed vireo
White-eyed vireo

Indigo bunting
Painted bunting
House wren

Swainson's warbler
Northern waterthrush
(?) LA waterthrush

Eastern phoebe
Bald eagle (2 adult, 1imm)
Peregrine falcon (1)
Red-tailed hawk (1)

diane reed
st. augustine, fl

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