The pinewoods were active at Turkey Creek today - the flock of Pine Warblers
that will spend the winter here grows daily.  There were no big numbers of
other migrants today - we found our birds one or two at a time; in fact, we
couldn't find a Redstart until noon.  However, with some effort we found a
good mix of migrant species.  About mid-morning we met Courtney Carlson who
birded with us until lunchtime.  As we were leaving we noticed on the
"sightings list" that Matt Reid had been birding at Turkey Creek today -
sorry our paths never crossed during the morning.  Matt saw one warbler that
we didn't see.

15 Warbler species seen today:

20+ Pine
 1  Black-Throated Green (by Matt)
 1  Tennessee
 1  Hooded (male)
 1  Golden-Winged (male)
 2  Prairie
 3  Yellow-Throated
 3  N. Parula
 3  Common Yellowthroat
 4  Black-Throated Blue
 5  Black & White
 5  Amer. Redstart
 5  Magnolia
 5  Ovenbird (our warbling Ovenbird still singing)
 6  Palm


12  Gray Catbird
 9  BGG
 4  Scarlet Tanager (males & females)
 4  White-Eyed Vireo
 3  Red-Eyed Vireo
 2  Swainson's Thrush
 1  Veery
 2  House Wren
 1  Rose-Breasted Grosbeak (male)
 2  Painted Bunting (female)
 2  Indigo Bunting
 2  Hummingbird sp.

Shirley & Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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