We didn't know what to expect today at Turkey Creek; the front is moving
closer and the temperature was pleasantly cooler - what a relief not to
sweat constantly.  However, the birding was basically similar to the past
few days - no flocks, a little slow at times but enough migrants to make it
a very enjoyable morning for all of us.  Lenny Shelp came over from St.
Cloud and Phyllis Mansfield showed up also. Late in the morning we ran
across Herman Bechtel who birded with us awhile.  The following list is a
compilation of all sightings.

15 Warbler species:

1 Cape May
1 Tennessee
2 Hooded (2 heard, 1 male seen)
1 Palm
1 Magnolia
1 N. Parula
2 Blackpoll (our 1st of the season)
5 Amer. Redstart
2 Prairie
3 Ovenbird
6 Pine
3 Yellow-Throated
4 Black & White
1 Chestnut-Sided
8 Black-Throated Blue


13 Gray Catbird
 2 Yellow-Billed Cuckoo
 1 Blue-Headed Vireo
 1 Yellow-Throated Vireo
 3 White-Eyed Vireo
 8 Indigo Bunting (more heard)
 1 Painted Bunting (female)
 8 BGG
 6 House Wren
 4 Swainson's Thrush
 1 Veery
 1 Broad-Winged Hawk
 1 Sharp-Shinned Hawk
 1 Summer Tanager (female)
 1 Hummingbird sp.

Shirley & Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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