There was a definite change at Turkey Creek today.  Many new birds had
dropped in overnight - lots of activity in the pinewoods and late in the
morning we had a good flock along Hackberry Lane and vicinity.  Our group
today was Roy Book, Ken Allie, and the two of us.  Later, Marty Newton and
Andrew Tanner arrived and birded a short time.  Black-Throated Blues were
everywhere - our count is a rough estimate; probably more were present.
Lots of Amer. Redstarts too.

12 Warbler species:
15+ Black-Throated Blue
12+ Amer. Redstart
 7  Ovenbird
 6  Palm
 5  Common Yellowthroat
 3  Black & White
 3  Yellow-Throated
 3  Pine
 2  Magnolia
 2  Tennessee
 2  N. Parula
 1  Blackburnian (a beautiful male)

 1 Rose-Breasted Grosbeak female (our 1st of the season)
 1 Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker (our 1st of the season)
 5 White-Eyed Vireo
 2 Red-Eyed Vireo
 1 Blue Grosbeak (heard)
 2 Painted Bunting females
 1 Indigo Bunting male
 4 Swainson's Thrush
 1 Veery
 1 Kestrel (by Roy)
10 Gray Catbird
12 BGG

Our yard very active from 2PM to 3PM.  11 warbler species including 3 not
seen at Turkey Creek:  1 Black-Throated Green, 2 Worm-Eating, 1
Chestnut-Sided.  Lots of Redstarts and B.T. Blues.  Also 1 Yellow-Billed
Cuckoo, 1 Summer & 1 Scarlet Tanager, plus several other migrants.

Shirley & Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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