Today's real surprise was a Bananaquit (Bahamas) which I saw at Fort
DeSoto Park (Pinellas County).  It was located close to the north
hammock, but in the area which is south of the hammock.  For those nor
familiar, park in the north beach parking lot close to the
mangrove-lined "ditch" which borders the south side of the oak grove
yard.  Follow the ditch to the east side of the paved road and continue
east until you come to a pond (fed by pipes) on the left.  On your right
at that point is a sand road which you should follow to a T.  You will
have just crossed another canal or culvert when you reach the T, and you
have also just gone past the north hammock which is on your left.  Turn
left at the T.  At the first fork bear left.  The Bananaquit was about
30 yards down from the Y  and feeding around the Coin Vine on the right
side of the grassy road. I was unable to relocate it later.

Vegetation back here is dense and the Coin Vine seems to be all over, so
I'm hoping that in the morning this bird will be very vocal.

There was a nice group of mostly Bay-breasted warblers today in the area
behind the tower along the nature trail.

Margie Wilkinson
St. Petersburg, FL
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