fellow birders,

Apologies for not posting last evening.

Arrived at North Beach at Ft. DeSoto about 12:30. All seemed relatively quiet
except for the large company party going on on the west side of the parking
lot. The directions to find the Bananaquit were a little vague at the
beginning but once I asked someone and then also joined up with another
couple from Orlando, Bryan and Janet, the instructions were great. The
path/sand road to take, should anyone go just to double-check today, begins
to the left of the paved loop at the end of the North Beach road. There is a
cable across the entrance. From there, stay to the right along the treeline
and follow the directions given before.

It was very quiet bird-wise in this area yesterday and we were lucky to pull
out some cardinals, a female Common Yellowthroat, a Carolina Wren, some
catbirds, and Palm Warblers.

The Bay-breasted Warblers were in the Australian Pines along the water's
edge--keep going north from the parking lot. Two were seen near the first pa
th to wade out and one was seen across the foot bridge and to the left, near
the picnic table. All seemed pretty drab and nondescript to me with just a
slight buff wash and two wingbars.

Here's an overall list: (7 warbler spp; 32 spp. overall-w/out trying hard for

North Beach-warblers
Parula- a few
Yellow-throated- 1
Pine- common
Palm, yellow-race at least 1
Bay-breasted -3 (lifer for me)
Common Yellowthroat- female, 1

Catbirds- numerous
mourning Doves
common ground doves
Carolina Wren- 1
Eastern Phoebe- a few
Snowy Egret
Great Egret
Little Blue Heron
Marbled Godwits- at least a dozen
Other shorebirds--unkn
Terns--Royal, Caspian, Forsters (wasn't really looking to see if others)
Laughing Gulls
Brown Pelican
Am. Oystercatchers

Followed Bryan and Janet to the Fountain and Mulberry trees:
Warblers- more palms

2 female Painted Buntings
1 female Scarlet Tanager
More catbirds
More cardinals
C. ground doves
E. Phoebe
poss. other flycatcher--didn't pursue
poss. Swainson's Thrush (Bryan)
3-4 Frigate birds -one flew over our heads about 50' up, other soaring with
Turkey Vultures
B. Pelicans, etc.

At East Beach eventually met up with Tina and Mark from Sarasota

1 Black and white

Probable Great-Crested Flycatcher on wire just before main road out
intersection. Had a car right on my bumber and no place to pull off. But
the shape and size would be consistent.
Field Sparrow feeding under a Sea Grape!
C. Ground Doves
Mourning Doves
Great Blue Heron
Great Egret

Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL
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