As I was coming home from Fort DeSoto late morning, the call came in
that the Bananaquit was seen in the tower area. More details will follow
as to which of the persistent birders tracked it down. The tower area is
just south of Arrowhead.  Park just off the main park road where the low
chain marks a sand road (Don't block the chain or the road)  Follow the
road in until a vague road curves off to the right.  The bird is right
at the curve where the Balsam Apple plant hangs down (a small-leaved
vine with orange blossoms or seeds).

We birded the tower area both yesterday and earlier this morning.  I
think the Bananaquit should be able to get along OK there.  There are
warblers, a Philadelphia Vireo, RB Grosbeak, Buntings, and asorted birds
in the general area.

Good luck.

Margie Wilkinson
St. Petersburg, FL
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