Fellow Birders:
Warblers are begining to vacate, but there are a few around, especially on
the N end where there is still food. A nice flock of Black-throated Blues
around, single warblers and a few vireos, including a Yellow-throated. There
is a smaller flock of mixed birds staying on the SW end of the park. There is
not a lot in between other than individuals or small groups. I did get nine
species of warbler before I got to the meadow behind the headquarters shed
mostly N parking lot to fenced area.

Prairie (4)
Black and White (1)
Tennesee (1)
Northern Parula (2)
Yellow-throated (4)
Palm (3)
Black-throated Blue (abundant)
American Redstart (2)
Ovenbird (several)
Common Yellowthroat (3)
Magnolia (1)
Cape May (1)


Red-eyed (4)
White-eyed (3)
Yellow-throated (2)

Matt Reid
Coral Springs, FL

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