Michel Bertrand wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm completing an article about Eurasian Collared-Dove which will be
> published in the coming issue of birding magazine QuébecOiseaux and the
> ultimate deadline was yesterday. I did send the text with an empty table and
> I'm adding the data in it about the situation of the species in some states
> and provinces, to illustrate its expansion in NA. I have almost no data
> about Florida which is its entering door in NA. Could someone tell me the
> years of first seeing and first nesting for Florida and the present status
> of the species in the state (common [?] permanent resident and regular
> nesting, I presume).
> Thanks...
>      Sainte-Julie, Qc
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 You need to read: The Eurasian Collared Dove arrives in the Americas
 by P.W. Smith, 1987, American Birds: 41:1370-1379. This will give
 you much of what you need. Your article will lack completeness without
 your having read & referred to it. Take my word for it. The species is
 now one of the most common throughout South Florida & is common or it
 will be soon throughout the rest of the state.

 Wes Biggs
 Florida Nature Tours, Orlando  407/363-1360  [log in to unmask]   ABA sponsored

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