Hello all,

Cindy and I are moving to Arizona. Cindy is already living and working
there, while I have been in and out of Florida over the last couple of
months dealing with the sale of our home.

We have enjoyed the many birding adventures we have had in Florida and the
friends we have made.  We have enjoyed many wonderful days birding and
meeting folks from all over this great state.  I have particularly enjoyed
seeing the neat Caribbean strays that occur, a birding experience unique to
Florida, so seeing the Bananaquit today along with several friends was a
great way to bid a fond farewell.

I have enjoyed doing the FloridaBirds website the last several years and
appreciate all of you who have contributed to the pages.  I considered
continuing the site while living in Arizona, but the distance, time zone,
and amount of work keeping up with all the rarities would, Iím sure, prove
to be too much.

I say goodbye, but I donít feel like I am really leaving, as Iím sure I will
be back many times in the coming years to reacquaint myself with friends and
the birds.

See you in the field


Kurt and Cindy

Scottsdale Arizona

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