Up until today, the action has been pretty slow.  I did have 3 BLACK & WHITE WARBLERS (2 male, 1 female) between Sunday and Monday.  I also had 4 SUMMER TANAGERS on Sunday (2 males, 2 females).

Today, I stopped for only 10 minutes on Grove Park Dr. in Southwood near work.  I was great!  My first warbler was a BLACKBURNIAN male ( a lifer!).  It was "flaming orange" just like Sibley says.  Breathtaking!  I also came up with 2 YELLOW-THROATED WARBLERS, 3 AMERICAN REDSTARTS (all fem. or young), and 8+ NORTHERN PARULA (3 males, rest unknown).  I also saw a Fox Squirrel loping along near the big pond; totally unexpected, but cool.

When I came home I found a male HOODED WARBLER splashing about in our bird bath.  This was a new yard bird. 

Keep looking up,
Rob Lengacher
Tallahassee, FL
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