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Call for papers for the International Sunbelt Social Network Conference
XXIII to be held on February 12-16th, 2003 in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico
(for more information about the conference, see

Social network analysis has been applied to many topics regarding collective
action and social movements. Empirical studies have been conducted on
various topics like the effects of personal networks on recruitment, the
effects of population network conditions on overcoming the free rider
problem, and the effect of inter-organizational network structure on
success. The importance of networks in theory is growing, leading even to
attempts to reformulate social movement theory as social network theory.

We look forward to theoretical and empirical papers about these topics (and
more). Please submit your abstracts directly to the organizers, Chris
Baerveldt and Paulette Lloyd, by December 1, 2002:

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