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Dear all,

When studying the 'World City Network', Peter Taylor has specified a
technique for obtaining structural data which is based on actor attributes
(Research bulletin 23, GaWC, also published in Geographical Analysis 33(2),
2001). He uses a formula like this one:

C(i,j) = O(i) * O(j)

...where C(i,j) is the total connectivity between actor i and j and where
O(i) and O(j) are total number of TNC offices of actor i respectively j.

In short, what is done here is an estimation of the structural value between
dyads based on internal attributes of the actors. If city i has 2 offices
and city j has 3 offices, the structural connectivity value between i and j
is set to 6, thus implying the total number of links between these two

Is this a common way of fetching structural data, i.e to use actor
attributes like this? Intuitively, what regards Taylor's study, it feels
like a reasonable good approximation of the structural data but when it is
only based on actor-internal attributes, I also get the feeling that it
isn't following a very 'networkish' style!

Carl Nordlund, BA, PhD student
Human Ecology Division

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