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 Interestingly enough  there was a special report   in the  Toronto Globe
and Mail on this very topic.


The report is not accessible on the web page.  It mentioned that in canada
we same to have the same issue that The US does listed in

There is a number of directors that seem to sit on a number of boards
representing at times conflict.

Not sure if anyone is investigating this.


Jon G Schneider

On 10/24/02 3:37 PM, "Jeffrey Kentor" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Andy,
> I'm studying the expansion of global interlocking directorates from 1980-1998.
> We currently have data on the directors of the Fortune global 500 for 1983 and
> 1998.
> I should have a manuscript ready by the end of this year, and would be glad to
> forward
> it to anyone interested in the topic.
> Thanks,
> Jeff Kentor

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