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Dear SocNet-ers,

I have a question. I'm trying to think of a network of contacts that is
not an actual information exchange network in terms of a such. But I'm
afraid that I'll have a lot of noise. By noise I mean that when A gets
information from B and B gets information from C (A and C are not
connected), the information A gets from C (through B) will not be
correct. Think for example of gossip. Someone cuts his finger and after
a couple of steps the story will be that he cut off his hand - this is
what I mean by noise.

Does anyone know about some research on noise in the information
exchange network? Maybe it's called differently, as I couldn't get
anything under this search (I got some information exchange network
concerning noise, noise emitters and stuff like that).

Thank you for your help.

Marko Pahor

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