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FYI, the spammer did not send the message using the listserv.  I received it on an email account that was not currenlty subscribed to SOCNET, but from which I had previously posted to SOCNET.   Presumably current subscribers who have never posted to SOCNET did not receive the message.  Email headers show the message originating at .  Discussion on is not encouraging.

With stories like achieving high syndication via , some amateur probably finds it funny to use SOCNET hubs as virus broadcast sources.  They'll stop when they realize how clearly this brands them as an amateur ("Sell crazy someplace else. We're all stocked up here." - J.N.)


|  we're checking so don't bmobard me. I am in Netherlands nw, but nowhere
|  near Twente. I suspect someone just stole and forged my address. I get
|  many emails with forged addresses from unsspecting people. I won't be home
|  for a week and I don't have much e connectivity here. So just dno't open
|  attachments that claim to be from me.
|  Barry
|  ___________________________________________________________________

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