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I am fairly green with statistics (I am conducting my master's thesis), so
bear with me. Especially, I have trouble conducting the tests in practice with
the software. I am conducting research on company dyads, and the data consists
of 7533 company pairs. I am strugling with the details of how I should deal
with the fact that the samples are not independent?

I need to calculate significance of correlation and logit (King's relogit
method to be more exact). I am using SPSS and STATA, and I would appreciate
practical tips on how to calculate the significance of correlations and
regression coefficients. Currently, almost all the significant levels in
correlations are p<0.001 due to the fact that n=7533.

I understood from several sources that 'pseudo t-tests' ot 'MRQAP' could be
used to evaluate the significance of coefficients, but I'm still quite lost on
how to do that in practice.

Thanks for advice!

Henri Schildt
Helsinki University of Technology

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