I was there late this aft., and like Harry, I saw no godwit.  There were
lots of shorebirds flying around though (both yellowlegs, least sandp.,
dunlin, long-billed dowitcher, many snipe), and they were kept pretty
stirred up by the many (illegal) pickups driving around and by all the
shotguns blasting all around me.  The latter I found very disconcerting.

Interesting birds:  American Bittern, flyover Sandhill Crane, and I'm
pretty sure I heard a Grasshopper Sparrow (didn't see it).  Several
Northern Harriers, Osprey...

Lots of song, swamp and savannah sparrow, Marsh Wren, Palm Warbler...

Michael Hill's suggestion of coming in from the park on the east side of
the lake (off Meridian) is a good one.  I walked all the way over there.
Coming from Faulk you have a long slog through 2-ft deep water; coming the
other way, you can get almost up to the area where there shorebirds are
and only get slightly damp. Plus, it's shorter.

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