As a result of the Caloosa Bird Club's field trip to the Devil's Garden
area in Hendry County (DeLorme p. 106, D-3 roughly), we have a very few
good sightings to report:

American Avocet -- x1 in small farm pond near jct. of C.R. 832 & C.R. 833
-- Devil's Garden
Crested Caracara -- >6 individuals seen at various locales along S.R. 29,
C.R. 832 & C.R. 833
N. Rough-wing Swallow -- >5 at same locale as Am. Avocet above
Bald Eagle -- x1 subadult along C.R. 833 south of Devil's Garden
White-winged Dove -- x1 along S.R. 29 south of La Belle
Plus the usual Sandhill Crane, Wood Stork, Wilson's Snipe, Blue-winged
Teal, Eastern Meadowlark, Black-crowned Night-heron, Glossy Ibis,
Red-tailed Hawk, both Yellowlegs & Savanna Sparrow etc.

Post-trip to Government Rd. (still in hendry County) by the two Vinces

No Vermilion Flycatcher (unfortunately). It's probably still there but we
couldn't find it!
Scissor-tailed Flycatcher -- x2
Western Kingbird -- x3
Northern Harrier -- x2
Roseate Spoonbill -- x2 (Lee County, in wetland east side of I-75 at mm

Good birding!

Vincent Lucas
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