At the tail end of our dullest fall on record, we've had a couple
interesting days.

Yesterday at the University of Florida's Agronomy Lab at the west end of
Bivens Arm, Michael Meisenburg saw a Blackpoll Warbler (always rare here in
fall) and a Yellow-breasted Chat. He and I couldn't relocate them this
morning, but we did see a male Wilson's Warbler and a fem./imm. Painted
Bunting, as well as the first significant flock of Yellow-rumped Warblers
reported around these parts.

This morning Mike Manetz walked Paynes Prairie's Cones Dike Trail and
tallied 1 Field Sparrow, 6 Songs, 2 Lincoln's, 40 Swamps, and 6
White-throateds, as well as 15 Indigo Buntings.

Hope to see some of you at the Great Florida Birding Trail groundbreaking
tomorrow, where, alas, neither of the above-mentioned places is on the
field trip schedule:

Rex Rowan
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Everyone should have a hobby;
I however prefer an obsession.

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