Cool today.  Pretty good overhead bird movement.  John Murphy and I saw
several kettles of TURKEY VULTURES (150), and amongst them we spotted an
ANHINGA, (3) SANDHILL CRANES.  Also a flock of (70) WHITE PELICANS were
seen (maybe the same flock seen at Hickory Mound?).  Hawks were migrating
also:  several HARRIERS, SHARP-SHINS, a couple of KESTRELS, and a MERLIN.


Common Loon                      (2) fots, other than one in alternate
plumage 17 Sept.
White-winged Dove              (1) at JM's feeder.
Whip-poor-will                        One heard "whipping" near
dusk.  Possible new location.
Pileated Woodpecker           Heard from yard, not common on Bald Pt.  One
Tree Swallow                         Several thousand in a swarm, plus
passing groups
Barn Swallow                         (20) Few yesterday, and these after a
week or more of absence.
Orange-crowned Warbler     One in my yard was our FOTS locally.
Song Sparrow                        Possibly peak numbers.
White-crowned Sparrow       (2) Imm. birds.  One at Bald Pt. tip, and one
in my yard.
E. Meadowlark                       (2) Migrants, not the 1st, but scarce.

Conspicuous by absence:    Palm Warbler.  Prior to yesterday there were many!
                                                  Common Grackle.  Flocking
inland, but none here.

Jack Dozier
Alligator Pt., FL
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