Congrats Murray on a great bird!

I have not scrutinized the rump of every Violet-green Swallow I have seen
(I pay more attention to the face pattern) but I have noticed Violet-greens
with a varying extent of white.  Of Course, the amount of white visible in
the field is influenced by molt, wear, and the position of the feathers on
the rump.

In Baja California Mexico, I have seen many Violet-green Swallows with a
near complete white rump. Beginning about midway down the Baja peninsula
you can find a resident race of Violet-green Swallow with a near complete
white rump. Many of these swallows have been mistaken for Mangrove Swallows
and that error has even appeared in print!

Mangrove Swallow has a face pattern similar to Tree Swallow. Mangrove
Swallows do have white on the forehead that can make them appear as though
they have white in the face. But, the overall face pattern is never as bold
and contrasting as the white cheek and white above the eye of Violet-green.

My guess (only a guess) is if you looked at several museum specimens of our
migratory Violet-green Swallow you would see varying amounts of white on
the rump.

Congrats to all who saw the bird.

Wish I was there.

Kurt Radamaker

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