This weekend, while running errands,  I made a few brief stops at the
North Naples Waste Water Treatment Ponds off of Goodlette-Frank Rd.
between Vanderbilt Beach Rd. & Immokalee Rd. (C.R. 846) here in Naples.
For a map, go to:

then scroll down to "North Naples Waste Water Treatment Ponds" and click
on the "Map" hyperlink.

The plant is building an injection well on the premises and consequently,
they are draining down one of the ponds making excellent habitat for
shorebirds, wading birds and ducks. Note: bird only from the sidewalk off
of the bridge on Goodlette-Frank Rd. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE BIRDERS
ALLOWED ON THE SEWAGE PLANT PROPERTY. Therefore, a scope is a must. Here
is my list for the few brief stops I made. I'm sure there are other birds
that I missed because my view was partially blocked by the banks of the
impoundment, but this place is definitely worth checking out:


Stilt Sandpiper -- x6+
Spotted Sandpiper -- x1
Black-necked Stilt -- x1
Least Sandpiper -- 50+
Lesser Yellowlegs -- x75+ (one individual had only one leg but seemed to
be getting his full share of insects etc.)
Greater Yellowlegs -- x2
Dunlin -- x10+
Short-billed Dowitcher -- x25+
Semipalmated Plover -- x3+
Western Sandpiper -- few (very difficult to see because of heat shimmer)

Wading Birds:

Wood Stork -- x1
Glossy Ibis -- x25+
White Ibis -- x15
Great Blue Heron -- x2
Little Blue Heron -- x10+
Tricolored Heron -- x1
Great Egret -- x4
Snowy Egret -- x12+


Mottled -- x50+
Blue-winged Teal --x6+

Plus Double-crested Cormorant; Anhinga; Red-shouldered Hawk (one with a
rodent of some sort in its talons), Osprey etc.

Good birding!

Vincent Lucas
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