I responded to this point off-list earlier, but would like to ask whether
it would be possible to mist-net the creature for detailed measurements,
aging, etc., and maybe get a blood sample or pulp feather for genetic

I might point out that this could all be academic.  If the bird needs to be
captured to positively identify it, one might not be able to count it on
his/her list anyway.  If I recall the rules accurately, the lister must
make the ID, not be told what the animal is after the fact.  As an example,
on the Missouri list a couple of years ago, someone posed the question "If
you see a bird that you ID as a [FILL IN THE BLANK] flycatcher, and then
it's netted and ID'ed as a Nutting's Flycatcher, can you count it on your
list?".  You did not actually properly ID it yourself, but you did see the
bird that was later positively ID'ed.  What do you do?  In the case of the
swallow, if it needs to be verified in hand, can anyone really say that
they positively ID'ed it?  Without capture, it might never be positively
ID'ed.  I don't envy the bird records committee their job on this one.

At any rate I hope it sticks around until the weekend.  I hope to see it,
the above notwithstanding.

Have fun, and if someone would be so kind as to release a bunch of bugs in
the vicinity to keep the swallow around, I would appreciate it.

Tom Curtis
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