Hi all,
        I am by no means an expert on this group, but I was able to glean
some useful information from a variety of sources in my library at home. I'd
like to share some of my findings with the group that may prove helpful with
the Viera Swallow.

First regarding Chilean Swallow. This species is extremely similar to
White-Rumped Swallow.  Ridgely and Tudor (The Birds of South America. Volume
1 The Oscine Passerines. 1989), state that "the distinctions" between the
two species "are so subtle that many birds cannot be identified with
certainity in the field (p. 55). However, they claim that Chilean will
typically lack the supraloral streak of White-Rumped Swallow, and although
"an occasional Chilean does show a supraloral... it NEVER (emphasis in the
original) extends across the forehead" (p. 55).

Tumes Swallow (Tachycineta stolzmanni) is not specifically addressed as a
separate species in Swallows and Martins (A. Turner and Chris Rose 1989) but
instead is briefly mentioned as a disjunct race of Mangrove Swallow (T.
albilinea) known only from the coast of Peru at that time. Ridgely and
Greenfield (The Birds of Ecuador. 2001) state the species is extremely local
in arid scrub "near Zapotillo in lowlands of sw. Loja". Interestingly, they
mention that Tumes Swallow "shows little or no association with water" (p. 583).

Finally, measurement-wise Tumes Swallow falls in between Mangrove and
White-Rumped.  I don't like to use different sources for measurements but
its all I had available:

                Total Length
Mangrove        4 1/4 inches (Turner and Rose, 1989)
Tumes           4 1/2 - 4 3/4 inches (Ridgely and Greenfield, 2001).
White-rumped    5 inches (Turner and Rose, 1989)

Makes you wonder if Tumes Swallow is an evolutionary link that connects
Mangrove and White-Rumped (?)

Anyhow, looks like members of Record Committee have their work cut out for them.

Great Birding,

Hope to see everyone there on Saturday...

Howard Horne
Mobile, Alabama.

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