Many thanks to all that have subscribed and/or contributed sightings to the
RBA over the past two years!  As you may have noticed, Brian Ahern has
graciously agreed to take over the list and keep the reports coming.  Brian
is an outstanding and energetic birder that will undoubtedly do a great job,
far exceeding what Arlyne and I could have delivered!

Over the past year our professional lives (Arlyne is a veterinarian/partner
at Kindness Animal Hospital in Cape Coral and I am a teacher at Caloosa
Middle School) have grown to the point that it is no longer possible to
commit the time needed to maintain a quality RBA.  I am also longing to get
more involved in a few birding projects and studies with the little spare
time left over.

Great birding out there and thanks again!

Charlie Ewell
Arlyne Salcedo
Cape Coral, FL
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