On today's Caloosa Bird Club fieldtrip to Ft. Myers Beach and Bodwitch
Point Park, a female Surf Scoter was seen out in Estero Pass from the
north end of Bodwitch Point in Lee County. Actually, the bird was closer
to Bunche Beach which lies directly across the Pass from Bodwitch Point.
Surf Scoters (or ANY scoter species for that matter) are rare in Lee
County. Other highlights at Ft. Myers Beach were two Whimbrels, all of
the plovers except Snowy, a banded Double-crested Cormorant (who bands
these birds?), a Red Knot missing most of the tarsus on one leg, several
"normal" American Oystercatchers and a Common Loon. At Bodwitch Point, in
addition to the aforementioned Surf Scoter, a Common Loon was seen as
were twenty or so American White Pelicans, one high-flying Magnificent
Frigatebird, an adult Bald Eagle and a long skein of perhaps two-hundred
Black Skimmers. Non-bird highlights at Ft. Myers Beach were a Horse
Conch, Banded Tulip and Crown Conch. A Gopher Tortoise was seen at
Bodwitch Park. Sixty-two species of birds were seen in all. For a
complete list, e-mail me privately.

Good birding!

Vincent Lucas
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