Hi all,

Mark & I took a 4 day trip up to the Panhandle area this weekend. Here are some highlights of our trip.

11/16 Saturday- St. Marks NWR

12 Common Loon
2 Gadwall
10 Mallard
40+ Blue-winged Teal
5 N. Shoveler
10 Ringed-necked duck
40+ Lesser Scaup
5 Greater Scaup
12 Bufflehead
4 Bald Eagles
2 N. Harrier
1 White-winged Dove
Barn & Tree Swallows
Swamp Sparrows
1 Song Sparrow
Ruby-crowned Kinglets
Lots of Yellowrumps, Peeps, Herons, & other usual good wintering & resident birds.

11/17 Sunday AM Springhill treatment Plant
Very cold & windy!

2 Eared Grebes
Blue-winged Teal
N. Shovelers
Ring-necked ducks
Lesser & Greater Scaup
Hooded Mergansers
Bald Eagle
6 American Pipit
30+ Cliff Swallows
2 Bank Swallows
A few Barn & Tree Swallow
The Swallows were landing on the sides of the ponds, so we were able to get get looks.

11/17 Sunday 1:00 Bald Pt.
Just as we were coming up to the gate, we stopped to car & got out. There were thousands upon thousands of Tree Swallows swirling all around us. The whole sky in every direction was filled with them, for at least a quarter mile or more! As we stood in awe & watched this spectator sight, a Imm. Red-tailed Hawk flew into the flock and sent them swirling in more directions. The young Hawk didn't get any lunch that we could see, but he sure tried hard. We were thrilled to have seen this truly amazing sight. It definitely was a high point of our trip.

11/17 Sunday, Alligator Pt. Across from the KOA, very close to shore. Great views. Around the same spot that Jack Dozier & John Murphy saw them last week.

4 Surf Scoter
4 Black Scoter
1 White-winged Scoter
1 Common Goldeneye
40+ Lesser Scaup & maybe some Greater too.

11/18  Monday, Marianna- Caverns State Park

4 Golden-crowned Kinglet
lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets, 2 showing there namesake.
1 Winter Wren
American Gold Finch- they seem to be all over in the upper Panhandle.
2 Wood Ducks

11/18 Monday, Three Rivers State Park

75 Canada Goose
1000's of Coots
2 Horned Grebes
American Wigeons
N. Shovelers
Lesser Scaups
Hooded Mergansers
2 Ruddy duck

11/18 Monday, Torreya State Park, 1 Brown-headed Nuthatch & Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

11/19  Tuesday, Wakulla Springs Park

tons of A. Wigeons
1 male Bufflehead
30 Blue-winged Teal
Lesser Scaup

On Dead End Rd, in Wakulla Springs park. That's the name of the road, it's about a block long. Lots of trees with red berry clusters, wish I knew the name of the tree. Birds were loving them!

30+ Bluebirds
20+ Robins
2 Rusty Blackbirds- a nice surprise!
2 Golden-crowned Kinglets
4 Ruby-crowned Kinglets
6 Pine Warblers
1 Yellowbellied Sapsucker
2 Flicker
1 Blue-headed Vireo
2 E. Phoebe

11/19 Tuesday, Mashes Sand Park

1 Clapper Rail
4 Swamp Sparrow

11/19 Tuesday, St. Marks NWR, late afternoon last stop before heading home. Not as birdy today as it was Saturday morning after the rain, but did add some trip birds.

1 Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow- by the trail to the right of the Lighthouse.
6+ Savannah sparrows

Both Saturday & Tuesday we looked for the Tropical/Couch's Kingbird, but didn't see it. Glad we saw the Tropical last year there.

We had a great time, and ended up with 126 species for our trip.

Good birding,

Tina & Mark Mossbarger
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Sarasota, FL

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