This morning I spotted a FRANKLIN'S GULL in Alligator Harbor.  The bill
was noticeably smaller than that of a Laughing Gull.  It also had an
extensive black hood, large eye crescents, and white spotting on the
primary tips.  It was in the area of the bay behind the
Mission-by-the-Sea church.  In the same area were 4  American Avocets.

Jack Dozier & I conducted the monthly shorebird survey of Bald Pt State
Park today.  Most noteworthy was a flock of appx. 30 Scoters (either
Surf or Black) flying offshore.  Also saw our perennial wintering Piping

In the afternoon, Jack & I went to St Marks NWR.  We were able to locate
both the White-winged & Surf Scoters which were keeping company with
Buffleheads, Redheads, and Greater & Lesser Scaups.  On the dike trail
at the lighthouse, we saw a hummingbird sp., Song, Swamp, Savannah,
White-throated, Field & Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrows.

John Murphy
Alligator Pt, FL

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