Fellow Birders:
Since it was my day off I went home after my SRP trip (reported this
morning), and after lunch hit the Loxahatchee NWR. In short, not much
shaking. It was partially an artifact of the time of day. But more so, it is
winter birding at the Loxahatchee.

Highlights include three Yellow-rumps mixed in with a mixed flock of Pine,
Prarie, Black and White and Palm Warblers along the S Canal (just to the S of
the impoundments, off of the NWR). I also saw a Blue-headed Vireo in the
brush below the flock. There were two Ruby-crowned Kinglets (my FOTS) and an
immature Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. A sizeable flock of Monk Parakeets were
along the powerline eyeballing colonization potential.

At a sight that I have found Anis in this fall (where the canal trail turns S
you look across into the SW corner of the impoundments area of the refuge;
then look NW), has had a lot of impoundment construction for the past several
weeks. No sighting of Anis recently as a result. However, I have seen three
Limpkins at the begining of this trail almost every time I have gone in.
Usually on the N side of the canal. I report Limpkins because I read where
one birder missed out on them when he came to S Florida and recently birded.
The Limpkin was one of his targets. I never mentioned this sight because I
assumed this would have been a "slam dunk" bird. If anyone needs a Limpkin,
check this canal trail out. The only other bird to report is an
Orange-crowned Warbler along the S road edge, not far from the main offices.
Other than these items, slow birding.

Good Birding,
Matt Reid
Coral Springs, FL

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