Today while on survey in Tallahassee, of the diminishing Lake Jackson
(sans airboat) I flushed a Hudsonian Godwit on the submerged road going
across Brill Point (aka Brill Point Saddle).  We walked a short perimeter
through the dead dog fennel stems but failed to find it.  We continued our
survey via pickup truck across the Saddle and soon observed the Godwit
actively feeding in the road in about 3" of water.  We were able to get
within 5 yards of the bird and eventually flushed it 3 different times.  No
call notes were heard.  When flushed, the godwit once went to the Porter
Sink area and once toward the Church's Cove area.  Within minutes, the bird
returned to feed on the Brill Point Saddle road.  Presumably it is the same
bird located at the Springhill Road Plant (which I missed!) last month
(September?).  I shot some pictures of it but my lens was probably too short
and the lighting was poor.

    To look for the bird, go North on 27 from I-10 to Faulk Drive, take a
right (east) to the terminus at Lake Jackson.  You must park here.  Follow
the well traveled , illegal vehicular tracks to the left (north) for about
0.2 miles.  Here you will notice the "road" forks, take the right, more
grassy road towards the LARGE house on the far side of the lake.  I marked
this fork with a single orange-red flagging tape on a dog fennel stem.
Continue following the single flagging tapes (about three of them) until you
see a DOUBLE marked dog fennel.  This is where we first flushed the godwit.
We observed it feeding another 50 yards farther along this submerged road.
Rubber boots reccommended, but the water is no deeper than 1 foot along this
road.  It was very cooperative and only flushed as I drove too close to it.
(I had to get my work done, too!)

    Additionally, just as you leave the Faulk Drive terminus, on the right
is the Porter Sink and our water level gauge.  On Oct. 28 and today (Nov.5)
I saw a banded double crested cormorant sitting on the gauge.  The right leg
has the standard silver birdband but the left leg has a black (or dark
green) tube leg band with the numbers 095.

     PS The gauge readings have indicated that Lake Jackson sinks might
reclaim the center portion of the lake within the next two weeks.  If you
are standing in some of the shallow roads, one can easily observe water
flowing toward Porter Sink and thus down, into the aquifer.  Way, cool.

Michael Hill
Tallahassee, FL

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