I'd like to invite everyone to check out the new Cornell eBird site:

You have to sign up (it's free), but once you do you can submit ALL of your
sighting data (a la Great Backyard Bird Count, but with MUCH more precise
locations) for scientific perusal. You can select from 'hotspot' locations,
or create new ones using street maps (think StreetAtlas) or aerial
photographs (TerraServer)! While the maps are a tad touchy (they don't
always want to do what you tell them to do), and the server can be
terminally slow (sometimes you have to click two or three times, and this
can result in duplicated data to delete), I have found that it is VERY
addictive! (And conducive to more meticulous list-keeping)

Let's make Florida the best-covered state (or province) in eBird!

Crawfordville, Wakulla County, Florida
"Walk softly, and carry a big scope"

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