Hello Harry, et al.

Viera Wetlands are located down the west extension of Wickham Rd (exit 73 off
S. I-95). Turn right on Wickham Rd. off the exit, past the Burger King which
will be on the right. Continue straight past the restricted/no trespassing
sign for the Duda Sod Farm. It is a county road, but private land on either
side of it, so they've asked that we not pull over to bird.

Anyway, proceed all the way to the end and turn left into the Wastewater
Treatment Plant. Immediately turn right and park in front of the building.
You will need to go inside and sign in at the counter. There is usually a
notebook or clipboard with a sign-in sheet and a notebook with recent
sightings. You can also pick up a map of the wetland dikes since they've
allowed driving on them now--one way however. From the building, continue
west to the parking area and entrance to the wetland impoundments.

Once you are done at the wetlands, another area to explore are what locals
call the Click Ponds or Duda Ponds. they are simply deep retention ponds. Go
out of the treatment plant as though to head back I-95. Turn almost
immediately left onto the first dirt road, turn left again through an open
gate and immediately right. Proceed up the incline and there are 2 retention
ponds. Can drive either way.

Good luck!
There are field trips to this area on Thursday and Sunday during next week's
Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival. You can find more info about this
and other activities and download the registration form by going to

Sarah Linney
Cocoa, FL
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