This is my first time making a post so I hope I have done this properly.  I
have mainly enjoyed reading all of the posts since I subscribed.

This morning when I awoke I saw a bird in my yard (Melbourne, FL) which I
have since (possibly) identified as a Chuck-will's-widow.  It has been
sitting in my yard under a tree in full sunlight for the past couple of
hours.  It's eyes are closed and it seems to be enjoying the warm sunshine.
I thought it was a Chuck-will's-widow instead of a Whip-poor-will as it
appears larger and it appears to have a brown neck as opposed to a black
neck.  (Although I have not been able to get him to lift his head for me to
get a good view:-)

But being a novice birder, I am unsure of my identification.  I was curious
if this was normal behavior (being out this long in the full daylight) as I
always thought they were mainly noctournal birds.  I took a picture of it
using the zoom of my digital camera through my binoculars and surprisingly
it turned out quite well.

I just wanted to share my observations.

Beth Neal
Melbourne, FL

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