Yes, you read the subject line correctly!

On October 22 a bright oriole showed up in a friend's backyard here in
Gulf Breeze. It was sitting on the roof by the patio, then drinking from
her hummingbird feeder.
She called me excitedly to report a Baltimore Oriole, two of which I had
just seen the day before. Nothing unusual...and right on time.

A day or so later, she called back saying it was not a Baltimore, that
there was this bold white mark on the wing. I told her to look up the
Bullock's Oriole which she did. Quickly she said that's what it must be.
I told her that the Bullock's was much less common, but also to be
expected...and right on time.

I suggested that she take some pictures, but she said the bird was
spooky. Whenever she passed by the sliding glass door, it fled. I
suggested that I could come check it out for her, but she said it was
irregular, and she was pretty sure now what it was, but yes, she would
try to get a couple of snapshots. She did. She took about six.

On the 26th she called to say she hadn't seen the bird for several hours
and was afraid it was gone, and that she didn't think it was a Bullock's
Oriole...the face just wasn't right. Yes, she said, she would send me her
photos whenever she got them developed, but she didn't think any of them
would come out.

Today, November 8, the mailman brought her packet of photos. I opened
them and nearly fell through the floor. She has photographed what we
believe to be Florida's first Hooded Oriole. And guess what:  She hasn't
seen the bird since October 26th. Not only did this lady photograph the
bird from her den, she took three pages of brief notes.

This is the same lady who found and described Florida's first
Buff-bellied Hummingbird years ago. I don't think any of us should ever,
ever discount the power of armchair birders and feeder watchers.
The photographs and copies of her notes will be sent to the FOS Records

While I have your attention, I have found a Leica telescope lens cover at
the FWB Mama Rosa ponds. Contact me if it's yours.

Lucy and Bob Duncan
Gulf Breeze, Florida
(south of  Pensacola)


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