It pays to volunteer!!  While helping out (another term for bird
watching) at the new Pasco coastal Werner-Boyce Salt Springs State Park
today I stumbled across some great sparrows .I.E. - 3 Scott's Seaside, 4
Nelson's Sharp-tailed, 1 White-throated, and 8 Swamp.

This new state park in Pasco will take awhile to open up completely for
public access, but when it does it will be one of the great bird
watching sites in Florida and one of the easiest places in west Florida
to find the salt marsh sparrows.

We also located the eagle nest that is near the north end of the park;
that's the good news especially for our nest monitoring person. The bad
news or opportunity is that this nest is 20 yards east of the parks
property line!

Gov. Bush and the cabinet have added two new parcels this year to
further enhance this park, (Yeah!). They were; 50 acres several months
ago (future entrance off US 19, which also has an active Great Horned
Owl nest; not sure that was in the justification?) and 27 acres this
week (a large fresh water spring addition potential).

The Bald Eagle nest we found is on a parcel that is for sale!!! (a great
reason for preservation!)

Ken Tracey     [log in to unmask]
New Port Richey, FL
West Pasco Audubon Society
Bird Watching In West Pasco

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