Migration isn't totally over yet - with a little searching it's still
possible to find a few stragglers at Turkey Creek.

10 Warbler species:

 1 Hooded male (a late date for this specie)
 2 Prairie
 1 Black-Throated Blue (female)
 1 Amer. Redstart (female)
 1 Black & White
 2 Yellow-Throated
 6 Pine
 4 Palm
 4 Common Yellowthroat
11 Yellow-Rumped


 1 Hermit Thrush (1st of the season at T.C.)
 1 Gray-Cheeked Thrush (1st of the season at T.C.)
 1 Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
 1 White-Eyed Vireo
 2 Blue-Headed Vireo
 1 E. Phoebe
 1 Kestrel
 1 Sharp-Shinned Hawk
 3 House Wren
 4 Hummingbird sp.
 3 Painted Bunting (male & females)
 8 BGG
12 Gray Catbird

Shirley & Bill Hills
Melbourne Village

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